Customized, Inspirational Onsite
Seminars and Keynote Lectures

Would you like Wellness for Doctors to come to your organization?

Our introductory lectures and workshops are geared toward finding simple, actionable solutions unique to your organization’s needs and structure to mitigate workplace stress and physician burnout.

Dr. Amster and his team will work with your organization and customize a program  for your hospital or medical staff based on our Managing Stress Before It Manages You curriculum.

We’ll work cohesively with your entire team about how to employ our practices to reduce stress, increase performance and rejuvenate yourselves.

Example topics include:

  • Identifying symptoms of burnout and tools for prevention
  • Improving doctor-staff-patient communication skills
  • Stress reduction
  • Mindfulness and time management
  • Creating the optimal environment for a healthier and happier workplace

We cater our trainings and lectures to suit your facility and your timetable. Grand Rounds, Staff Meetings, Half-Day and Multi-Day Trainings are available.


from Dr. Amster’s teaching on his program Managing Stress Before It Manages You

  • This was a great presentation. Very informative and presented in a way that was easy to understand. Thank you! Dr. Amster is the BEST!

    NorthBay Physician Fairfield, CA
  • Great information and tools provided. I would attend another one of his classes. It was great to hear Dr. Amster’s excitement for the work he does.

    Kaiser Physician Fairfield, CA
  • Dr. Amster was excellent; his manner his communication his humor was delightful.  Excellent helpful methods to put into effect for balanced living.

    NorthBay Physician Fairfield, CA
  • Loved his personality and his relaxation exercise. Concise, Helpful, Informative.

    NorthBay Physician Fairfield, CA
  • Meditations were helpful and speaker was positive and charismatic. So practical. Thank You.

    NorthBay Physician Fairfield, CA