Expert Advocates Help You Design Your Ideal Approach to Work & Life

We at Wellness for Doctors firmly believe that within each of us is a vast expanse of inner wisdom. The pace of our day-to-day lives, however, often keeps us from connecting with that rich wellspring.

Time spent one-on-one with an experienced professional coach can help you:

  • Move beyond reacting to busy schedules and daily pressures
  • Shift patterns and behaviors to work smarter versus harder
  • More easily achieve personal and professional goals and free up time
  • Our expert coaches can work with you to create efficient, personalized, result-oriented action plans
  • Based on your exact needs and schedule
  • That integrate with your overall program of Wellness for Doctors business and personal wellness modules
  • To help you discover, empower and express your core values
  • And to help you evolve your lifestyle and business practices for greatest efficacy and satisfaction

When we work alone, it often feels like we’re swimming upstream against a strong current and handling issues reactively. Your Wellness for Doctors coach can provide the support and guidance you need to stay on course in aligning your goals and lifestyle to live proactively according to your deepest beliefs.

Particularly effective before and after a retreat, life coaching sessions help you break old habits that lead to exhaustion and burnout and create healthy habits and work practices to enhance your life, rekindle your passion for medicine and help you obtain your optimal work-life balance.