Over 50% of Doctors Experience Burnout

We work hard to provide optimum care to our patients …Yet, overwhelmed with professional and scheduling pressures, we aren’t so good at taking care of ourselves.  

Wellness for Doctors believes that taking care of yourself is both a responsibility and a prerequisite for being an effective doctor and a happy human being, and that transformative immersive experiences and the proper coaching and education can make this not only possible but actually create greater ease and balance without adding to workload.

Ignoring burnout negatively impacts you, your patients and your staff.

Wellness for Doctors offer practical tools to alleviate burnout and enable you to create optimum work-life balance, and serve your patients even better:

  • Achieve a state of rest and help rejuvenate your energy

  • Integrate tools to optimize your practice and more effectively serve your patients

  • Rekindle your passion for medicine

  • Reconnect with yourself and your needs and desires

  • Create and sustain a healthy lifestyle in the longterm

Healthy doctors mean healthy patients. 



Wellness for Doctors offers rejuvenating retreats and programs with CME credits to suit your busy life.



Wellness for Doctors offers customized onsite hospital and medical staff training designed specifically for the needs of your organization.



Wellness for Doctors offers personalized, expert coaching to help you evolve strategies and behaviors for peak success at your own pace.